Saturday, 15 March 2014

Holi Festival

Holi Greetings From United-21 Paradise, Ooty

Popularly known as the 'Queen of Hill Stations', Ooty is visited by many leisure tourists and honeymooning couples owing to its vast expanses of beautiful natural surroundings. It used to be a summer getaway for the British people during colonial era, as it is located at an altitude of 2,240 metres. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year, making it one of the most sought-after tourist destination in India. There are several tourist spots in Ooty and its surroundings, which can be explored by its visitors.

Most of the festivals celebrated in other parts of the country is also celebrated in Ooty. The Holi festival in Ooty is a special occasion for the locals, as it brings together the stars 'Uthiram' and 'Pournami'. Celebrated as 'Vasanthosavam', Holi is the day of festivities in most of the temples with the perfect mix of dance and music. On this special occasion, United-21 Paradise resort wishes everyone a very happy Holi.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Celebration in Ooty

Massive New Year celebrations are observed in Ooty, which welcome New Year with its huge tourist resources and a record number of visitors, arriving here for a memorable vacation in the comfort of the Nilgiris. These blue hills which are silent and serene throughout the year come alive with hustle and bustle of the visitors coming here for a vacation to celebrate New Year on the backdrop of the hills.

Ooty celebrates festivals throughout the year like Makar Pongal, Sivratri, Holi, Ugadi, Buddha Purnima as well as events like Ooty flower festival, tea and tourism festival. Apart from all these New Year celebrations in Ooty are seen to be getting massive support among the locals as well as the visitors coming from distant places. These celebrations unlike the religious festivals mostly are vibrant with lots of partying and merrymaking enjoyed at different places in Ooty.

Some of the visitors enjoy New Year by going on excursions to near by places like Kotagiri and Coonnor, which offer scenic beauty at the backdrop of huge mountains. Other places include Mukkurthi peak and national park, which invites the nature lovers, trekkers and wild life enthusiasts for enjoying a unique experience of the region. Other places of excursions are Nilgiris peaks, Kalhatty waterfalls and Dolphins nose.

Among the places to visit there are many ancient churches lying in and around this magic destination like church of St. Stephens located on the road between Mysore and Ooty in the Nigiris district. These churches celebrate New Year in the most traditional way and are beautifully illuminated on Christmas Eve. The cheering weather of Ooty invites tourists and people from surrounding region to get the most out of New Year celebrations. Hotels and resorts in the city are obviously the best places to join rampant partying amidst bounty of nature.

Hotels of Ooty located at some of the strategic locations offering scenic views of the surrounding prepare hard for the parties to be arranged on Christmas Eve. Party monsters can get a partying on top of the world experience at these hotels and resorts. There is fun for everyone and every age with lots of choice and variety in food and beverages. This is the best time of the year to avail great offers and discounts in Ooty hotels. Celebrations at United-21 paradise in Ooty are attracting large number of tourists to its resort which is beautifully located on the hill slopes.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Celebration in Ooty

Ooty has shown an unprecedented growth in tourism since last few years irrespective of its promotional activities. This might be due to the mouth publicity of the visitors, who are here in the past for an exclusive vacation. Salubrious climate of this destination located in the lap of nature is the major factor attracting tourists to this beautiful spot in the Nilgiri Mountains. Christmas celebrations in Ooty are wonderful and worth witnessing

Brimmed up with tourists through out the year this destination becomes a heaven during Christmas time. If you are visiting Ooty in December then you will discover fun of the place during this festival time.  Matching popularity of this town as the most secular place in the Nilgiris a week long series of Christmas celebration takes place here marked by carol services and processions of Santa Claus passing through cities major areas. People of different faiths are seen joining this festival enthusiastically and Christian community attending late night masses in spite of severe cold of this season

Major important buildings especially the churches and hotels are brilliantly illuminated and markets are seen to be well prepared for the oncoming feast of birth of Christ followed by approaching New Year celebrations. Along with these Christmas venues other places of interest like Botanical garden, Ooty Lake and Dodabetta peak seem to be more crowded compared to other time of the year. Book your rooms earlier in one of the popular Ooty hotels for a comfortable stay and vibrant parties to enjoy.

As the Christmas and New Year are approaching faster wave of preparations for the feast is passing through the city and its outskirts. Most impressed of all the places are the hotels, resorts and amusement parks. They are preparing fast for the incredible New Year celebrations in order to attract record number of tourists in that particular year. Holiday Inn is doing it by hosting cake mixing ceremony, which receives good response from the crowds. This event makes clear the importance of traditional cake making in the celebrations. Other hotels like United-21 are hosting incredible parties during the Christmas weak and a grand party to welcome the approaching New Year.