Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Wax World And Tribal Museum in Ooty - Ooty Attractions

Ooty is really a gift of nature with long history revolving around its tribal life. When the British officers invented this region, it was mostly dominated by tribes like the Todas, Kotas, Kurumbas, Irulas and Kattunayakan’s. The various tribes of the region are still dispersed in the jungles of Ooty. It is impossible to visit these places in order to get introduced to different tribes of the region. Instead by visiting the Government Museum in Ooty you will know more about these tribes and their cultures. 
Wax Museum Ooty
Wax Museum Ooty

This museum is located inside campus of Tribal Research Centre in Muthorai Palada, on the Ooty Mysore road. The museum just ten km from the town offers great opportunity of peeping into the life of the various tribes staying in and around the region. It displays various aspects related to life, culture and the objects used by these tribal’s. Among the different tribal groups Todas are native tribe of hills of Ooty. With passing time the number of these tribesmen has dwindled to around one thousand. The museum is doing every effort to achieve more and more objects related to the tribal life. Objects displayed at the Museum also include traditional art and crafts work prepared by the tribal’s. It also includes different sculptures and items actually used by the Todas, along with photographs and rare artifacts of the tribes of this region. Tourists will also get an opportunity to view the types of houses belonging to Kota, Toda, Kurumba, Kanikaran and Paniya tribes. Wax world museum is another popular place in Ooty located at just two km from the city centre. This is the place where kids are getting thrilled by viewing incredible wax statues. It is advisable to start your tour of Ooty with visit of wax Museum. There are around twenty life size wax replicas of popular Indian personalities from Indian history.  

Ooty Triable Museum
Tribal Museum

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Wenlock Downs Beautiful Grassland

Whenever you are planning to visit Ooty the most popular hill station of South India, you should plan at least a week to spend in this mystique land. Ooty has enormous places to visit spread across the surrounding hillocks and beautiful valleys. One such popular point of excursion is Wenlock Downs, a picturesque patch of undulating gentle hills, beautiful grassland, and verdant meadows covering miles of untouched incomparable beauty. The splendid beauty of this place attracts many Indian movie makers, who often come and shoot amidst the explicit landscapes at sixth mile and 9th mile which is nothing but the distance of these spots from Ooty.

Wenlock Downs Ooty

Joining the trek to this destination will mesmerize you with panoramic views of surrounding region of the Nilgiris with Wenlock Downs features like unending lush green grassy meadows and dense forests. There is also an opportunity to view beauty of the wild flowers Ooty like clustered summer Gentian, Dandelions, wild tea and balsam. The serenity of this majestic spot spread across a huge twenty thousand acres of land, envelopes many wonderful experiences for the Ooty tourists. Sometimes the area gets suddenly covered by dark clouds and the visitors can experience trickles of romantic light showers. The real pleasure of the place can be better enjoyed by strolling across the grasslands, where you might view a herd of cattle grazing on the slopes. The rising eucalyptus trees supposed to be the beauty of the Nilgiris which line these slopes make the already beautiful Dawns more attractive. 

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Pine Forest Ooty

If you are coming to Ooty from Bangalore, Mangalore or Chennai as soon as you enter the borders of this sumptuous hill station, you will surely feel the difference in the air of this most popular hill station. This most favorite destination of honeymoon couples is pleasant throughout the summer, but attracts more visitors during summer who are trying to get relief from the heat of the planes. Considering the weather of Ooty October to June is supposed to be the most alluring period to visit.

Pine Forest Ooty

In India Pine forests are normally confined to the regions of Bhutan, Nepal, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Surprisingly Ooty is the only South Indian hill station blessed with Pine forests stretched up to Thalakunda region. Pine forest adds to the beauty of the panoramic valleys and incredible landscapes are the most Ooty attraction. Among the many splendid activities and pleasures an excursion form Ooty to Thalakunda is the most invigorating way to get immersed in the beauty of Ooty. The hill slopes look awesome as if the pine trees are arranged by someone in a particular order. These tall Pine trees with lush green leaves standing close to each other make up a dense forest. Alluring views of the Pine forest in Ooty have attracted many film makers to shoot some romantic scenes for their movies. The best way to enjoy the charm of the forest is to stroll between the tall trees and experience cool breeze and scent of the Pines.  

Ooty’s attractions are not limited it will take days for you to see inner beauty of this mesmerizing place, with innumerable means of enjoyment and incredible activities one can enjoy. Visit this land of Pines, waterfalls, hillocks covered with green carpets, spice and tea plantations and above all cheering climate of the Nilgiris, inviting you to come and stay amidst this wonderland. When arrived in Ooty, we will take responsibility to make your stay a lifetime experience at our hill side cottages, in United-21 Paradise Ooty.