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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Ooty is one of the most romantic places in India

Located in the Nilgiris district of the South Indian state, Tamil Nadu, Ooty is a well-known hill station visited by many leisure tourists and honeymooners every year. It has an altitude of 2,240 metres, and offers some of the most picturesque natural surroundings for its visitors. During the colonial era, it served as a popular summer resort and weekend getaway for the British officers. 

Honymoon Packages in Ooty

Summers arrive in Ooty during the month of March and stay till May, but the temperatures never rise beyond the level of 25-Degree Celsius. Ooty experiences winters from the month of October to February, with January as its coldest month. The mild showers during this season makes the atmosphere highly pleasant and romantic. Monsoons begin in the month of May and last till September. Climate in Ooty around this time of the year is cool and windy, resulting in a drop in daytime temperatures. Generally, the weather of this hill station remains pleasant throughout the year.

Tourists visiting Ooty would have many things to indulge in during their vacation. A comfortable stay in any of the resorts in Ooty would make it truly convenient for them to enjoy the beautiful views of this hill station, and to visit its famous tourist attractions.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Summer Holiday Guide

Summer is in its initial phase and one of the more interesting topic which can be discussed at this juncture can be something related to Summer holidays. The school and college exams are over making the students as well as their parents eager to plan outings and vacations at some of the summer resorts in India or even a international destination. Providing a few guidelines about summer or in other words summer holiday Guide will be a more interesting topic for the families and groups of travellers who are in a mood to spend a few days at a place where they can beat the heat of the summer. 
Summer holiday destinations in India are ready to welcome the tourists and are getting brimmed up with tourists who are looking for a escape from the scorching heat of the plains and trying to find a refuge at the hill stations and other places where they can enjoy summer holidays. People from cities and towns make early reservations at one of their desired destination, and making bookings at some popular hotels in that region. India has many places to visit during summer and a few of them are less popular but exclusive to visit during summer. Chail in Uttarakhand is one of the splendid resorts located near but above Shimla on a higher altitude. Apart from the salubrious weather there are many attractions to visit like the chail palace, highest cricket ground on the earth and many ancient temples preserving historic importance. 
Summer holiday destinations
 Your summer tour to Ooty is another marvel to be experienced in the wilderness of medicinal trees. This summer destination has its own charm which can be experienced during your tour of this south Indian hill station tucked on great heights of the mountains. The blue mountains of Ooty turn out to be more romantic in summers. Ooty looks like a newlywed bride during summers and invites honeymoon couples and youngsters for a romantic stay in the wilderness. The rustic accommodations at Ooty are evenly spread in the city centre and those which are located near the sightseeing locations offer unique surroundings of the woods. Another attraction of Ooty is the botanical garden and summer festivals which are organized by the management of the gardens. You have many other attractions to visit like the sprawling tea estates and hill slopes becoming lush green by the eucalyptus plantations.