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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ooty Summer Festivals

Ooty is looked upon as the most popular hill station of south providing tranquility, which is ideal for relaxation in its serene surroundings. This view is absolutely true but this destination offers lot more to its visitors in the form of its exciting fairs and festivals, which are evenly distributed throughout length of the year. The most invigorating among these festivals are the ones which are popular as summer festivals of Ooty.

During summer month’s tourists arriving at this destination are welcomed with a mix of events including flower and fruit shows, cultural events and fashion parades arranged in order to entertain tourists arriving to this hill station. During summer festival boat races, boat pageantry, and flowers shows add a touch of festivity to the celebrations. There is also a Tea and Tourism Festival of Ooty in January. Some of the Ooty summer festivals adding to the charm of the place provide a favorable time to visit this ever blooming hill destination. Thaipoosam is celebrated at Elk Hill Murugan temple in the month of February. This hill is a scenic location in Ooty, where devotees offer milk to lord Murugan. 

Summer Festival in Ooty

Mariamman temple festival

Mariamman temple festival is observed in the month of April. Devotees from surrounding districts come to this temple to offer prayers during this most auspicious day of the year.  At Coonoor Chithral festival is celebrated in the month of April, when Mariamman Temple is decorated and prayers are offered to the deity for the welfare of her followers. During this festival mother goddess Mariamman graces as swayambumurthy. The iconic tree, from which the Goddess played the hanging plank Oonjal, still exists in the place. Festive spirit is totally boosted by the incredible boat races held in the month of May at scenic venue of Ooty Lake. Boat race and boat pageantry held in Ooty are in accordance to the boat race tradition of South India and offers splendid entertainment to tourists arriving during month of May. Viewing flowers of enchanting colors and shapes fascinates everyone. An opportunity to witness great collection of flowers can be availed at the flower show held for two days in the month of May. Considering this features of Ooty summer, you can plan your next vacation accordingly.

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