Monday, 10 December 2012

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve

Ooty is a popular hill station in South India, which is visited by many tourists owing to its pleasant climate and enchanting natural beauty. There are several places to visit in Ooty and most of them are strongly recommended for visitors. One such spot is Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve in Nilgiri Hills. Located between Western and Eastern Ghats, it was established in the year 1940 and declared a Tiger Reserve in 2007. This wild life sanctuary consists of tropical forests inhabited by different species of wild animals. Excellent climatic conditions prevailing in this region offers an ideal environment for the survival of these animals.

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary 

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary has a huge population of Tigers due to abundance of prey in the region. Authorities have done a commendable job of conserving every wild animal in this reserve. As a result, many rare species can be spotted by the tourists, roaming around freely in their habitat. Indian Elephants, Monkeys, Leopards, Jackals and Hyenas are some of the animals that are found in this region. A rich wildlife that constitutes carnivores and herbivores can be witnessed by tourists visiting this reserve. Though Mudumalai is known for its large population of animals, it can also be considered as a bird sanctuary that has significant number of birds. Black Eagle, Golden Woodpecker, Mottled Wood Owl and many other birds can be spotted in this sanctuary that provides them a favorable environment to survive and thrive.
Ooty-Tiger Reserve

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