Friday, 7 December 2012

Ooty Gardens

Ooty Garden Tourist attraction

Ooty is located in a tropical region, but its climate is in sharp contrast to all the other regions of South India. It has an extremely pleasant climate which supports the growth of natural vegetation in this region. Most of them can be found in Ooty gardens that attract several tourists. These gardens not only have numerous species of plants, but also make for excellent picnic spots. Vast areas of plants with flowers in full bloom set against the backdrop of green natural surroundings offer fantastic views for visitors. One of these gardens is Thread Garden, which has been aesthetically created by weaving plants and flowers using threads.

Botanical Garden Ooty

Botanical Garden Ooty

A garden that brings back memories of many Indian film songs is also situated in Ooty. It is known as Ooty Botanical Garden and has a famous fossilized tree that dates back about 20 million years. Many exotic plants can be found in this garden which offers a pleasant sight for its visitors. Green surroundings and a very good climate are important features of this place, ideal for a tourist to unwind after long walks. A 'Summer Festival' is held every year in this garden which also features a 'Flower Show'. This festival is an added attraction for all tourists visiting Ooty. Various types of plants, shrubs and trees in this garden come from different parts of the world. It houses an Italian Floral Garden which is also a beautiful place for visitors to relax and enjoy nature at its best. They would also come across a place where shawls embroidered by Toda tribes of Nilgiris can be purchased.  Pride of summer festivals in Ooty, the exclusive flower show will be held in the month of May every year, at the Botanical gardens. 

Rose Garden OOty

Rose Garden Ooty

 There is one particular garden in Ooty where couples on a honeymoon trip would like to be in. It is known as Rose Garden and it covers a vast area that is filled with beautiful roses. There are over 20,000 varieties of roses in this garden which can bring out the romance in couples visiting this region. Located at a high altitude, environment in this particular region is very pleasant and makes the whole experience of viewing beautiful roses a memorable one for all visitors.